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Hi everyone! My name is Spencer Noferengton and you are on my website LuckCasinos.com now. Let me talk a little about myself on this ‘About me’ page. I am the principal author and editor of this site. Why I decided to create it? Well I had started gambling long time ago and decided to share all my skills and knowledge with others. I believe, that experienced players should be more responsible and help newbies find better style in gambling, avoid lots of mistakes, increase own powers and insurance, etc.

In my life everything had started with football bookies. I had been a great fan which could predict results of games. And after betting has become online I quickly found all advantages of such leisure. Thanks to my love to sport betting I got aquatinted with casino games. One game provider I gambled a lot also proposed popular casino options, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.

So in such a way my casino gambling experience has started. I decided I need to find the best online casinos with excellent conditions. I was sure that online reliable operator should propose nice welcome bonuses, loyalty program, payout rate, etc.

How to find TOP online casinos

I can’t even imagine how many operators I investigated. Lots of them didn’t deserve attention, not even a part of my money. It was pity but in the beginning of my avocation I haven’t heard about United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This establishment licenses casinos, so they would be totally legal for gamblers. But I didn’t know it and spent some time and money on illegal gambling establishments. But fortunately I found the best casinos for US players.

So I made and published on this website expert and fair reviews on different casinos, that belong to my personal TOP. Notice, that I update new reviews all the time, so my list is not finished yet.

I tried my best to make all reviews useful and interesting. So both new and experienced gamblers may get useful advices for their future gameplays.

Contact me in any case

I welcome everyone to ask me questions via contact form on the website and social networks. I will try to answer you as sooner as possible. Let the luck be on your side!